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Holland Herring Tray

Holland Herring Tray

The New Catch Holland Herring is a piece of gastronomic heaven, a fabulous buttery and mild matjes (young) herring unlike any other, due to its exceptionally high and healthy omega-3 fat content. Many compare its buttery texture and delicate flavor to the finest sashimi.

One tray has ten filleted herring.

Once a year, the herring in the North Sea reach their optimal condition during a 4-5 week season. In Holland, the start of this season is a national holiday. The first barrel of herring into port is auctioned off for charity. After that, these prized delicacies hit the market as the famed ''Hollandse Nieuwe'' - ''New Catch Holland Herring.'' Russ & Daughters is a direct importer, and receives herring from the first delivery of this New Catch to New York. *This year, the New Catch Herring season will begin on June 15, 2016.*

Traditionally, the New Catch Holland Herring is eaten by holding the whole herring by the tail and dropping it into your mouth. Visitors to Russ & Daughters are likely to see aficionados partaking of this food ritual right at the counter.

The New York Times has called Russ & Daughters "the city's herring-to-go headquarters," (R.W. Apple Jr., "Herring: The Fish That Roared," NYT, 10/30/02). Russ & Daughters herring and the Russ & Daughters Herring Festival were featured in a "Talk of the Town" story by Oliver Sacks in The New Yorker.

Ruth Reichl wrote, in Gourmet Magazine's newsletter, "My father claimed that my mother seduced him with herring-and then never served it again. He loved that fish, and he waited eagerly each year for the New Catch Holland Herring to arrive. If you think about the delicate flavor of sashimi compared with cooked fish, you get some idea of the New Catch's subtlety. The taste is both sweet and briny, and the texture has a remarkably tender, almost buttery quality. The season will be over in a couple of weeks, but you can order New Catch now from Russ & Daughters. If Dad were still around, I know exactly what I'd be getting him for Father's Day."

*This year, the New Catch Herring season will begin on June 15. The Russ & Daughters Herring Pairing at Astor Center will be on June 30.*

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