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3 Pickled Herring-Cream&Onions

3 Pickled Herring-Cream&Onions

Fresh from our pickling barrels, Russ & Daughters herring is the gold standard when it comes to this cherished food. If you're used to the prepackaged kind in a can or jar, with one bite of fresh Russ & Daughters herring, you'll never settle again. Over our 100 hundred year history, the Russ family has perfected its recipe: not too sweet and not too tart, with the right combination of pickled spices and timing for perfect texture.

3 Fillets = 21 or 24 pieces


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How long does herring last?
Herring has been a popular fish for centuries, primarily because of its long shelf life. Kept refrigerated, pickled herring in plain sauce, mustard and dill, curry, schmatlz, and rollmops will keep for 2 weeks in refrigeration. Pickled herring in cream sauce & Swedish matjes should be consumed within 6 days. Holland herring is more delicate and should be consumed within 3 days of purchase.

What's the best way to enjoy herring?
Simply serve with a starch -- potato, bread, or crackers -- and enjoy! Pair with vodka, aquavit, crisp white wine, or even sake for an unforgettable combination.

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