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Siberian Baerii  500 g

Siberian Baerii 500 g

A fabulous discovery for caviar lovers. Hailing from the Siberian sturgeon, this Osetra-style caviar has been produced under exacting and natural conditions. Its glistening beads have a firm texture and complex nutty flavor; color can range from dark to slightly golden.

500 grams (17.6 ounces)

16-20 servings


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Helpful Tips

How long can I store caviar?
Caviar should be kept refrigerated until five minutes before serving. Keep the tin closed and in the coolest part of your refrigerator, away from the light. Do not open it at all until just before serving. If stored in this way, caviar will stay in the average refrigerator for approximately two weeks. Once opened, caviar should be eaten and enjoyed immediately. Caviar should never be frozen.

What is the best way to serve caviar?
Great caviar can be enjoyed simply on its own. If you would like to serve the caviar with an accompaniment, spread a light coat of crème fraîche on a blini, toast point, quail egg, or baby potato, and then crown it with caviar. Gently lift the caviar from the tin using a non-metallic spoon, not a fork or knife. Be careful not to break the pearls.

Can I use my best silver to serve caviar?
Actually, you should avoid using metallic utensils entirely as they can interfere with the natural essence of caviar. For an unadulterated experience, choose utensils and bowls made from non-reactive materials such as mother of pearl, glass, plastic, or wood.

Are Russ & Daughters’ caviars and roes pasteurized?
No. Russ & Daughters premier caviars and roes are "malossol," which means that they freshest, highest grade available on the market; they are preserved with only a little salt, and never pasteurized. All of our caviars and roes are individually hand packed on the premises by our expert team.

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